5 modern luxury wash basin designs for 2018

Contemporary luxury wash basins for the year 2018 brings in new design that are reminiscent of the past with modern twist. These wash basins are inspired by the classic culinary pots of the lost millennia. Now with the modern digital etching of designs on ceramic base as well as fine finishing these wash basins makes a spectacular comeback to lighten your home interiors.

These year 2018 wash basins model are 801, 802, 803, 804 and 805. These wash basins are of mostly earth colors. Here is the list.


1. Brizzio 801 Artistic Flower Pattern Antique Ceramic Wash Basin


2. Brizzio 802 Round Vintage Vanity Ceramic Wash Basin


3. Brizzio 803 Vintage Pattern Ceramic Wash Basin

4. Brizzio 804 Antique Circular Ceramic Wash Basin


Brizzio 805 Round Bronze Glaze Ceramic Wash Basin


If you would like to view other Brizzio wash basins, you can click here



  1. WOW, The designs are so good. Basins can be so stylish I never thought. Such amazing designer basins are available. I just love the one "Brizzio 801 Artistic Flower Pattern Antique Ceramic Wash Basin". All designs are beautiful with artwork which makes it stand out. Liked it a lot. Thanks for this.

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